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Freewheel lubricant

  • Freewheel lubricant
  • Freewheel lubricant

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This lubricant preserves the qualities of your freewheel. Formulated to maximize the performance of ACSE systems, it is also compatible with other mechanisms, ratchet or toothed crowns and derailleur shifters. 

Grease use is not suitable, because of the risk of sticking parts to each other. Use of any kind of oil is not recommended either. Indeed, a bad lubricant may slow down your engagement freewheel, and does not guarantee a good protection of the parts.

Our specific lubricant has been designed to maintain a permanent film on the parts, without sticking them to each otherIt resists to high free wheel internal pressures. It also provides a protection against corrosion and it does not damage plastics. 

Volume : 120ml

17,50 €

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