MTB hubs, wheels and components - AcSe parts

Custom made

In order to provide you the most fittable product to your practice, in most cases we are able to assembly your hubs with some specific pieces. We mostly provide them on the wheel that we assembly. Based on an extended discussion with our customers, we determine the best technical solution.

Lighter or better strengthened, these pieces lead to a perfect match between the wheel features and your personal usage : special spindles (available on our hubs 102, 137 and 138), reinforced hub body (138 only), freewheel choice...

Two different freewheel mechanisms are available. First, the classic mechanism, based on a system of toothed crowns in opposition, has 36 notches. The freewheel bodies 036 and L 036 are compatible Shimano 11s cassettes. The 036XD version is only compatible with Sram cassettes XD.

The 108 mechanism, exclusively designed by ACSE, uses 6 pawls with a small angular phase difference, which provide 108 engagement positions for almost immediate engagement. Its unique design engages even faster when the applied torque is moderate, managing partial engagements.

Its specific design engages even quicker, when the applied torque is moderate, managing partial engagements. When mechanical load is to high for its engagement level, the mechanism will skid and jump to the next pawl. This specific feature increases by 67% the mechanism reactivity.